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New NORS System Launches

Welcome to the Norfolk Family History Society's new version of NORS - This website has been fully redesigned.

After much consideration it was decided to replace the NORS system created by Frontis in 2008 and which has served the membership well. This has now been replaced with a new website created by InnerShed, the local company responsible for our NFHS website.

Some of the benefits of this change are:

  1. Identical login and password to provide access to both NFHS website and NORS website, eliminating the confusion frequently encountered by members. ('Old' NORS password now obsolete unless already identical to NFHS website password)
  2. An improved search system with enhanced display of results.
  3. Designed for easy use with portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets in addition to PCs.
  4. Extra filters for selecting event types to provide more control with results.
  5. Mobile Friendly.

By making this change we are aiming to provide a better research service for the membership and believe this is about to be achieved.

As with any new project there may be some teething problems in which case we call on your patience but feel sure it will all be worthwhile.
We are aware that following the import process a few dates are incorrect, these are usually very obvious such as "170" and will be corrected as time permits.

A PDF of all Transcribed Parish Records is available - Here

A PDF of all Transcribed Monumental Inscriptions is available - Here

Please report any obvious errors to [email protected]

If a bookmark has previously been saved on your browser for 'old' NORS it will need to be replaced, click the 'Search' link above before replacing or saving as a new bookmark.

Please refer to the User Guide and FAQ links above for guidance in using NORS or Login if required.