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Welcome to NORS : (Norfolk Online Record Search)

The NORS database provides online access to most of those records held by the Norfolk Family History Society (NFHS). A full search of the society's online records is available only to members of the NFHS while logged in with 'Login' and 'Password', but non-members may perform a basic search and view the index of those records that are currently available.
Please report any transcription errors by using the 'Contact us' form.

Forgotten passwords can be replaced from the NFHS home site or the login form above as follows :- Click on 'Password forgotten 'Enter 'Login' (Membership Number + first 3 letters of surname), then ‘Request new password'. An auto-generated password will be emailed to the email address registered with the society. Failing this send an email to [email protected], please allow up to 14 days.
Note: passwords are case sensitive.

Searching NORS

The minimum requirement is the first three characters of a Family name/Surname
To improve this search filter options are available - First Name/Forename; From date - To date; and Parish also Place from the drop down list (Just type first few letters of a Parish name or typing ---- will cancel previous Parish).

Type of Search:

  • 'Similar' the default search - As the name implies similar sounding and similar spelling names will be searched and displayed.
  • 'Exact Search' - Provides complete control of the Family Name/Surname, matching exactly the typed entry.
  • Wildcards: Greater control can be applied to any search by use of the wildcards: underscore '_' and the percentage '%' symbol as follows -
    Using '_' to replace a single character for example, Franc_s will display results for Frances and Francis.
    Using '%' to replace a number of Characters for example, N%lor will display results for Naylor and Nailor.
    Using '_' and '%' in combination will display a greater variety of results for example N%l_r will display any results for Naylor, Nayler, Nailor and Nailer.
  • Refining Search: To refine the search enter a new Family Name or additional details such as Forename, Dates and Parish then click 'Search'.
  • Filters: To view fewer results and filter to a specific type of record e.g. Birth, Banns, Marriage, etc. select the appropriate type icon.
  • 'More Info': Select to view more information. When displayed in a 'dimmed' style - No additional information is available.

    Recommended method for searching: (remembering that sometimes less input yields more results)
  • 1. 'Surname' (Minimum 3 characters) can be controlled by use of wildcards %  and _ for variation in spelling as detailed above.

    The following are Optional filters:
  • 2. 'Similar/Exact' The default search is 'Similar'. This includes variation in spelling and similar sounding surname.
    Change to 'Exact' to avoid unrelated names, but can still use wildcards % and _ with Exact for precise control.
  • 3. 'First Names' can also be controlled by use of wildcards for variation in spelling as detailed above.
  • 4. 'Year' can be narrowed down by entering 'From-To' dates.
  • 5. 'Parish' can be individually searched using the 'Parish' option - (Simply start typing then select a parish name or scroll down)
  • 6. 'Place' This is not always available so may block any results!
    Possibly different to that which a record refers. For example: Married in 'Parish' Lakenham but lived in 'Place' Trowse.
  • 7. 'Filters': Births, Banns, Marriages, etc.' Following an initial search, the results can be further narrowed by use of these filters
  • IMPORTANT: To clear all filters and return to NORS for a completely new search - click 'Search' in the Top Menu or 'Home' near the Filters Central Menu.

  • Tip. When presented with a long list of results, click 'View all' at bottom to enable scrolling entire list

Basic Video Guide

Please remember, this society is organised entirely by volunteers, if you would like to help in any way please email [email protected] or write to our Kirby Hall address.